Reference 320M (Pre-order)

Posted 30 July 2023

The Reference 320M will be the next addition to the new range of award-winning Reference amplifiers from Audio Research. 2018 saw the introduction of the Reference 160M, with its bold aesthetic and new benchmarks in performance and reliability. Since then, the Reference 160S and Reference 80S stereo amplifiers have followed, but a more powerful amplifier with similar performance and flexibility has been frequently requested by the audio community.

The Reference 320M is designed to provide significantly more power to drive the most demanding loudspeakers on the market while revealing the music in a way no other amplifier can do, providing the resolution, dynamics, and subtle nuances which unite to recreate the original musical performance. The skilled team of engineers and listeners at Audio Research created a new masterwork that is not just bigger, it’s performance sets a new elevated standard. From the quietest whisper to the roaring fortissimo of a symphony orchestra, the Reference 320M moves from micro to macro to effortlessly deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

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