Sonus Faber LUMINA II review

By Posted 18 November 2021


The Lumina II is a two-way standmount that shares a fair amount of design thinking with the Lumina I. This is no bad thing as its shown itself to be a very entertaining little speaker with a great deal more shove and extension than you might reasonably expect from a cabinet that small. The Lumina II effectively takes the same basic ingredients, but makes them more conventionally sized. At the same time, the price only rises by £ which makes the bigger speaker look rather better value; although priced at the same point as some very talented opposition (see How It Compares).

Sonus faber Lumina II Review



On paper, the Lumina II doesn’t look like a massive step forward over the Lumina I. Sonus faber claims an extra 10Hz of low-end response and marginally improved sensitivity – which does seem to be the case in practise – and the same 4ohm impedance as the rest of the range. Such is the wholly unexpected clout that the Lumina I possesses, the Lumina II doesn’t feel significantly more weighty in general listening but there’s meaningful extension below 50Hz in my room, which goes a long way to creating a believable weight and scale to the performance. It’s not significantly more than its little brother but it is noticeable.



And the longer you listen, the more sense the Lumina II makes. Where specific rivals will best it in specific areas, when you judge the Sonus faber across a really varied selection of different music, it quite literally doesn’t miss a beat. It might lack the joy that the sheer improbability of the Lumina I’s performance can deliver but, as a £ all-rounder, the Lumina II is a hugely compelling speaker likely to win many converts to the Sonus faber brand