Nagra HD Preamp

By Posted 07 July 2022

HD PREAMP modulometer front aluminum best

The Nagra R&D Department, served by ten skilled and specialized audio engineers, worked on this project for three years with the goal of creating the most revealing and engaging preamplifier in the world. The audio engineers spared no expense and accepted no limitation in developing electronics, mechanics, power supply or in addressing thermal and vibration issues. Each stage of the design also included extensive listening sessions. The result is a striking product in terms of appearance, specification and performance. It will reshape the expectation you may have of what a preamplifier will add to your whole set-up, sources and amplifiers…

HD PREAMP modulometer peclette Nagra HD PSU front dark

The volume control is a patent-pending technology that allows perfect level matching with a much more transparent sound compared to potentiometers and switch resistor technology, because there is no attenuation of the input signal, just an automatic selection of a tap on the Nagra custom output transformer.

The newly developed SuperCapacitor power supply is a new technology which combines the very low noise of a battery with the high current capability of the best linear power supplies.

The audio engineers created a super vibration-free stand to lower the microphonic resonances to a new level.

HD PREAMP peclette Nagra front aluminum best

The HD PREAMP has the best specifications ever achieved by any tube preamplifier, a floor noise lower than -160 dB and 5 Hz to 200kHz frequency response with perfect phase integrity. The impedance input is 50 k Ohm and the output impedance is as low as 0.2 Ohm so that you can drive any amplifier on the market.

The HD PREAMP is able to accurately reproduce a square wave at 16 Hz.

And the sound !

The HD PREAMP reproduces music giving a natural impression, full spectrum bandwidth and extreme stability.

It also produces a precise 3D holographic soundstage. It is very difficult to express the impact of this design as we didn’t think it was possible to achieve such an unbelievable result.

Pure emotion !