24 November 2021



Sonus Faber was founded by Franco Serblin in the '80s. He emerged as one of the world's pioneering forefathers in modern hifi visionaries in his field. He was a respected businessman and designer and is responsible for the unique smooth speaker designs, of which today, are being imitated by many other brands. Franco built his very first prototype hifi system made entirely of solid wood, which he named SNAIL.



By this year Sonus Faber had become a company on its own operating in a small laboratory in the areas of Vicenza. Here, the company released its very first full-fledged product known as the PARVA (a 2-way monitor speaker encased in walnut wood).  This goes on all through the late-80s to the late 90s where the company have released various products including the GUARNERI, CONCERTO, AMATI HOMAGE, ELIPSA and CREMONA.



It’s the year of the revolution. With the extraordinary Guarneri Homage Sonus faber begins its studies of the lute design and create the first speaker ever with the cabinet structure inspired by the lute shape.



Amati Homage added to Guarneri Homage giving life to the first version of the iconic Homage collection. During this era that Sonus Faber has finally developed and improved their craft and came up with the iconic built of the CREMONA series. 



The headquarter moved to Arcugnano, in a building designed by the famous Studio Albanese and defined by the architect himself “a place for music” with the shape of a violin.

Sonus faber Sede



The new line conceived on the notion that it is important to savor time for ourselves and celebrate life’s precious moments. Simplicity remains central to the collection’s identity with its easy set-up, accessible price point, and excellent sound performance, empowering everyone to enjoy a true Sonus faber experience completely made in Italy. This essential combination of models is a perfectly balanced solution for traditional stereo system enthusiasts as much as for those looking to experience a multichannel home theater system.Lumina Collection


Merging speed with sound this audio and automotive collaboration brings the spirit of Italy to life through the Maserati MC20 super sports car equipped with Sonus faber amplified audio. The sound system features a high frequency amplifier with 695 Watts of power and 12 speakers with specific functionalities that illustrates Sonus faber’s natural sound thorough the use of natural materials. Sonus faber tuning offers natural, clear and detailed sound quality, giving the listener the ability to easily denote each melody within this sound symphony, bringing a performance element to the driving experience.