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By using aluminum die-casting construction, the ASR II series realizes stylish design, light weight, and excellent rigidity.
This series of racks is made of a hybrid construction for excellent audio performance. Aluminum’s low weight, high strength and aesthetic appeal are augmented with the incorporation of vibration-damping cast iron in strategic areas of the rack, resulting in a sound that exudes both elegance and calm.

Characteristics and Specifications

New board construction

Shelf boards comprise a sandwich construction with the newly developed cast-iron-powder-filled honeycomb core

1.Aluminum die-cast frame
A beautiful and lightweight form are achieved using an aluminum die-casting frame.

2.Cast-iron spacers
Cast iron spacers are fitted to aluminum poles to improve vibration-damping performance.

3.Oscillation-controlling sheet
Comes with TAOC’s unique oscillation-controlling sheet to tune the frame’s resonance.

Aluminum die-casting frame

Cast iron top cap

4.Shelf boards supported by spikes
Shelf boards come into contact with the frame via a spike-support construction. Spikes include fine height adjustments.

5.Cable routing space
The rear side of the frame is designed to secure sufficient cable routing space.



  • The rack’s stylish form was realized using molding technology.
  • Elegant metallic finish


[Ease of use]

  • Easy-assembly construction
  • Choose the shelf board spacing and the number of shelves in the rack to suit your equipment.



  • Poles are fitted with cast iron spacers to damp vibration.
  • An oscillation-controlling sheet is applied to the frame to control oscillation.
  • Shelf boards comprise a five-layer construction with the newly developed cast-iron-powder-filled honeycomb core.
  • Shelf boards are supported by spikes (four) in a floating support configuration.



  • Excellent load-bearing capacity.(100kg per shelf, 400kg for the entire rack)
  • The surface color of the shelf board is reversible.

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