Sonus faber Venere Wall Surround Speakers

Great Sound, Superb Versatility, Small Size, Gorgeous Design: Sonus faber Venere Wall Loudspeaker Ideal for Multi-Room Audio Systems

Wall-Mounted Sonus faber Wall Loudspeaker Expands Your Listening Options: Guaranteed to Change What You Think About Wall Speakers

Forget what you think you know about wall speakers, and focus instead on the sound, versatility, and integral abilities of the Sonus faber Wall loudspeaker. Designed to be wall-mounted and created with a jointed bracket that allows for fully adjustable positioning, Wall can be utilized in surround systems, compact two-channel systems, TV-based setups, and as a home-theater speaker. Thanks to its small dimensions, attractive looks, and big sound, Wall is an ideal candidate for multi-room audio systems. Its cabinet defeats spurious resonances, its baffle allows for extraordinary integration between the driver and cabinet, and its Curv-coned mid-woofer and passive radiator provide innately detailed, organic, lyrical sonics. A German-made silk-dome tweeter ensures phenomenal clarity and sound dispersion. With Wall, your options are limited only by your imagination. Let this Sonus faber creation help fill your home with blissful music.

29mm German-Made Silk-Dome Tweeter, 150mm Mid-Woofer Curv Cone, Passive 150mm Radiator
Distinguished by a cabinet that prevents spurious resonances due to a drastic reduction in parallel inner surfaces, Wall is equipped with a 29mm silk-dome tweeter that provides wide sound dispersion, natural tones, and detailed sound. It is joined by one 150mm mid-woofer Curv™ cone and a passive 150mm radiator. The front baffle is characterized by waveguides for live sound and seamless integration between driver and cabinet. Easy to operate, Wall makes its lines an expression of his own capabilities, showing perfect harmony with the rest of the Venere family.

Sonus faber: A Proud Legacy of Award-Winning Loudspeaker Design
Few loudspeakers are as immediately recognizable as those crafted by Sonus faber. For more than three decades, the Italian-based manufacturer has designed speakers whose exacting details, exotic lines, high-performance abilities, and eye-catching architecture mirror the desirable traits of famed Italian sports cars. Sonus faber models have won awards from practically every respected audiophile outlet in every corner of the world. Combining artisan woodcraft, modern metalwork, and traditional and cutting-edge electroacoustic technology, they serve as lavish instruments that play back music with vibrant energy, dynamics, emotionalism, and authority. Music Direct is honored to carry Sonus faber's celebrated loudspeakers.

Design: Two-way, plus front-firing passive woof

Driver Complement:

  1.1" Silk-Dome Tweeter

  6" Curv™ Cone Mid-Woof

  6" Passive Driver

Recommended Power: 30-150W

Dimensions: 11.5x19.7x6.7" (HWD)

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