Designed for music lovers, the Akurate Kontrol preamplifier delivers compelling performance in stereo and can process and control multi-channel sources, providing scope for system expansion to multi-channel in the future. Up to six stereo analogue sources can be connected, including a turntable via the on-board MC / MM phono stage, for exceptional audio performance. The high quality DACs incorporated facilitate performance from any digital source connected, including a DVD player, satellite receiver or games console, through one of the six digital inputs. The Akurate Kontrol pre-amplifier digitally processes all major audio algorithms, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS, for multi-channel audio from stereo CD or multi-channel digital formats. The Akurate Kontrol features a built-in Knekt Line Driver and Line Receiver for full compatibility with a Linn Knekt multi-room audio system. Available in black or silver finish, the Akurate Kontrol pre-amplifier complements other components in the Akurate System.

❙ Product Type Stereo and multi-channel audio pre-amplifier ❙ Dimensions (H) 80 mm x (W) 381 mm x (D) 355 mm (H) 3.1 inches x (W) 15 inches x (D) 14 inches ❙ Weight 3.7 kg / 8.2 lb ❙ Control Interfaces Remote control IR receiver RC5 input and output RCA connector KNEKT main system input KNEKT RCU socket 4 x KNEKT room outputs 2 x KNEKT IR flasher outputs 2 x independent RS232 ports 6 button keypad interface 128 x 32 front panel display ❙ Analogue Audio Inputs KNEKT main system input 6 pairs of RCA socket inputs (including 5.1 group and phono stage inputs) ❙ Digital Audio Inputs 3 x TOSLINK inputs 3 x SPDIF RCA socket inputs (supporting 44.1 kHz/48 kHz/88.2 kHz/ 96 kHz sample rates) ❙ Analogue Audio Outputs 7.1 RCA socket audio outputs 1 pair of RCA socket record outputs 4 x KNEKT room outputs (linked to record path) ❙ Digital Audio Outputs 1 x TOSLINK record output 1 x SPDIF RCA socket record output (supporting 44.1 kHz/48 kHz/ 88.2 kHz/96 kHz sample rates) ❙ Analogue Audio Decoding Stereo + Sub Bass Redirect, 3 Stereo Downmix, Phantom Downmix, LoRo 5.1 to Stereo Downmix ❙ Digital Audio Decoding Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Pro Logic II and Music mode, MPEG Surround, DTS Surround, DTS 96/24, DTS CD, DTS ES Matrix and Discrete, MPEG Surround, LtRt Digital Downmix, LIMBIK Party, AAC Stereo, AAC Surround, AAC Multilingual, adjustable lip sync delay ❙ Power Consumption Less than 30 W ❙ Mains Supply Fuse 1 amp anti-surge (not user serviceable) ❙ Mains Supply Range AC 100-120 V; AC 220-240 V @ 50 - 60 Hz ❙ Mains Supply Tolerance ± 10 % ❙ Phono stage (set to MM as default) MM Input Impedance 48 k, 68 pF MC Input Impedance 180 Ω, 10 nF MM Input Voltage 70.0 mV peak @ 1 kHz MC (High Gain) 5.0 mV peak @ 1 kHz Input Voltage MC (Low Gain) 15 mV peak @ 1 kHz Input Voltage MM Input Gain +40 dB (x 100) @ 1 kHz MC (High Gain) +64 dB (x 1500) @ 1 kHz MC (Low Gain) +54 dB (x 500) @ 1 kHz MM Signal-to-noise Ratio Better than -104 dB MC Signal-to-noise Ratio Better than -90 dB ❙ Analogue Input Impedance 10 kΩ nominal (unbalanced) ❙ Input Signal (max) + 10 dBv ❙ Output Impedance 330 Ω nominal (unbalanced) ❙ Peak Output Signal + 10 dBv ❙ Volume Range - 80 dB to + 20 dB (0 - 100 scale range in 0.5 dB steps) ❙ Frequency Response 5 Hz to 100 kHz ❙ Finishes Silver, Black

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