Uni-Q technology for a natural soundstage
The KEF Q200c uses the Uni-Q drive unit, unique to KEF, to great effect. This positions the treble unit in the throat of the woofer, for a single sound source across the frequency spectrum. The result is a broader, more cohesive sound that once experienced makes it hard to go back to conventional speakers. With the Q200c, KEF has improved the treble dispersion with a 'tangerine' wave guide system. This helps the treble integrate more smoothly with the mid-range, promoting natural sounding dialogue

Aluminium woofer cone
Made from lightweight yet rigid aluminium, the woofer unit is fast to respond and linear in its response. This helps give life-like dynamics and low levels of distortion. Using technologies developed in its high-end speakers, the Q200c offers attention to detail not usually seen in speakers at this level. The Z-Flex woofer surround, for example, offers superior cone control, helping it blend seamlessly with the treble unit for a more even and consistent sound.

Separate bass and ABR unit
Using a separate dedicated bass unit takes the strain off the mid-range cone, ensuring it's free to concentrate on mid-range frequencies. This is helpful at higher volumes and also ensures the tonality of the speaker doesn't unduly differ from your full-range front speakers. Helping this still further is an ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) that uses internal energy to further boost and sustain lower notes.

Minimalist crossover and easy bi-wiring
Like many of its rivals, the KEF Q200c speaker is bi-wirable. Where it differs, however, is in its easy linking system. Rather than using awkward linking bars, the Q200c proffers simple twist controls that activate internal linking rods - a genius solution! Using high quality drive units means the KEF Q200c needs only needs minimal crossover components, which further reduce resistance and so improve the transparency of sound.

For a centre speaker with a broad range of talents, the KEF Q200c's performance speaks volumes.

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