Hifi Tuning Supreme 3 Copper Slow 5 x 20mm Audio Grade FusesThe impact on your sound can best be described as a highly musical and very detailed, dynamic and fast sound. In fact, the good properties of both the Ultimate² and the Furutech fuses come together in this fuse. In these fuses, the caps as well as the melting wire consist of 99% pure silver and 1% of gold, brought together in a black ceramic tube. Of course, this fuse was cryogenically treated. They are fully hand-built in Germany.

Certainly, the fuses inside your audio & video equipment are amongst the most underestimated components. These very cheap components have, in the first place, to carry all current that is withdrawn from the mains. Under most circumstances, much money was invested already inexpensive to very expensive power cords. No further comments will be necessary to explain, that these crappy fuses will be a bottleneck in your system...

Relatively big enhancements can be achieved with little effort when replacing the stock fuses with fuses that are designed specifically for audio/video systems.

SPECIFICATIONS:Straight melting wire consisting of Cardas Low Eddy CopperBlack ceramic tube with special fillerCaps consisting of Cardas Low Eddy Copper, gold platedCryogen treatedDemagnetisedWA-Quantum chip appliedAvailable in all common sizes and rating



  • Handmade In Germany
  • Straight melting wire consisting of Cardas Low Eddy Copper
  • Black ceramic tube with special filler
  • Caps consisting of Cardas Low Eddy Copper, gold plated
  • Cryogen treated
  • Demagnetised
  • WA-Quantum chip applied
  • Available in all common sizes and rating

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