Fiio R7 - AIO Desktop High-Resolution Transmitter Decoder & Headphone Amplifier ES9068AS THX AAA 788+ MQA Roon Ready

- Full Range of Inputs & Outputs
- Four Output Modes
- DC/AC Dual Power Supply
- Eight Operating Modes
- ES9068AS+THX AAA 788+*2
- Five Gain Levels
- 3.6W Output Power
- Portrait Media Streaming
- Snapdragon 660 + Android 10
- Customizable RGB Lights
- Ethernet Port
- Personalized Screensaver
- Exclusive DP Mode
- Dual USB Ports

Building a desktop HiFi system has always been full of compromises. Stacking various brands of equipment together causes difficulties in creating an elegant and compact setup.
For streaming media, such a setup usually brings an unacceptable experience. But now there is a new solution.

The FiiO HiFi desktop experience version 1.0 is now available. With the R7 serving as the centerpiece and backed by the SP3 speakers and FT3 headphones, you will experience a consistent and highly enjoyable audio and visual device.
Welcome to a new era of slick desktop HiFi experience!

The R7 combines transmitter/decoder/amp/preamp/media playback functions into one unit. Besides numerous connections and expansion capabilities as well as a wide variety of operating modes, it is also capable streams media on a gorgeous portrait screen for an extraordinary user experience. The R7 brings you an attractive-looking, easy-to-use and great sounding desktop HiFi experience!

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