Stunning Audio Quality from Your CD Collection

Now finished in Lunar Grey to match the rest of the CX Series 2 range, the award-winning Cambridge Audio CXC CD transport delivers stunning audio quality from your CD collection.

If you're using an all-in-one CD player, you probably haven't heard what the CD format is capable of until you've heard Cambridge Audio's CXC V2 CD transport. The CXC V2 has been designed for efficient recovery of CD digital data with state-of-the-art error correction.

The compact disc format has been around long enough to include an enormous catalog of music of all types, and to have become very affordable. Even the most evangelical devotee of music streaming will concede there’s plenty of life in the little silver disc yet. The CXC V2 will let you extract every last drop of musical enjoyment from your CD collection.


It Will Transport You

There’s absolute purity of purpose to the CXC V2. It’s built to read the digital audio information on a CD with absolute, unerring accuracy, and then pass it on to a digital-to-analog convertor (such as the extremely high-quality DACs found in Cambridge’s outstanding new CXA61 and CXA81 integrated amplifiers). Every CXC component is focused only on extracting every iota of information from the disc in its tray.


Class Leading Jitter Rejection and Error Correction

The disc drive in the CXC V2 was originally developed by Cambridge Audio for its high-end 851C CD player. It’s our renowned ‘S3’ servo design, and it has class-leading levels of jitter rejection and error correction. No multi-purpose drive is able to compete with the CXC’s levels of precision and stability.

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